ONE US - Brother Sister visit

Well had to play this what drawn to after praise worship and talking to Yeshua-Mattew. so will put song for you, yes even notice number tied to page and hey 60? Well do you think Father isn't proud of His creation? and what mother and dad isn't proud of their children? I report you decide.

I was led to this song today thought I would share it.



Well what can I say, the Man loves Black...and of course tied to me u get drawn to it?

Well He has just done so many things, I mean my husband is going nuts as his computer all changed  lol  driving him crazy..  Well we even discussed some of these things... like too I just wanted to know what He thought Yeshua meant when said He sent Prophets, wise men and scribes.  Well I got the first and last mentioned  lol  but can't figure out that wise a wise man would have followed Yeshua  right?  Never ran into one.  And for goodness sakes look how the heck they even design things  lol  like subdivision I live in, one way in one way out..fine for gated community but hey this b farm land  lol  Same with designs of like Walmart shopping areas just everything, like who the heck trains these city planners??

Anyway absolutely loved seeing my brother and sister and murdock my prayed for dog you know, just really had a crush on her.  Well she mentioned loving KY and wanting place to be up here hated made some calls..but do need to find out how far away would matter from her son, I did tell her would look.  What I found was 1 hour and 22 minutes away from there so will chat with them to see.  Heck them Ehrman's business can afford 22 something a month  lol  And names tied to daddy, so thought pretty cool.  So finding out the facts...will call them after I know, who knows they might want to see before heading back FL...Father Time daddy vision.. of course always knows these things.