US ONE - Strange

Oh wow what an evening and morning sheesh, so just thought would write an update to happenings... and wow, if not for me knowing by heart Yeshua's words, well I would be totally screwed, do you even realize how vulnerable the sheep are then?...they screwed with my bible again had to go biblegateway to even check out... and there as thought quoted to Matthew-Yeshua.  So that always means reboot to even fix.  The world that don't have His words memorised I don't know  lol  That is how much they can screw with things on your computers.

I thank God for my sister Eathell...only person Matthew-Yeshua could have even rescue me and what she went through to even do it  sheeesh.  My whole family against it from the sounds of it not sure Carey, think he asked why? also if my memory any good hearing back then Chris even had to go Carey for money not sure...Chris not about to argue with her!!  hahaha  I just love her!!!

5:52 RRR  He is still heavy handed loves that color black, Well I was up and down last night...when I logged off...well Prime shows up delivery, murdock barks front R window...then L window even me telling him just Prime delivery...well I answered door got package that dog still not shut up had to block him from door get package.  Said to Bob what you order now?  What came?  huge box of 42 gal contractor trash bags...said what did you order this for?  He said I didn't order it...I ordered labels, he thought maybe sent to wrong person again as happens too...takes to different neighbor...well was to him.  Murdock then go lay between where Chris and Eathell sat wouldn't get up usually comes my bedroom when go bed...nope lay pat him say night and go bed.

Well will copy paste next time up..conversation with Matthew.

8:37 p.m. RRR and brb

Well I have no idea if prime or netflix...bob watching this and songs back to back in my dream???  and tied to each one of siblings...

Well I finally get up then the man shuts it off...said beach boys documentory said did u watch it all said rest later.

anyway back to back songs and last hear tied to you of course round round I get a round  lol  having to do with that land...sounded like they buy it tomorrow.  and Eathell going to call me...  hahaha

I don't is that a dream?  or just me tied to songs  lol

drives me crazy  it was like  ok    ok    unhuh   ok   well my guess would be prime  free

Well I was up with Him till last entry 10:50 pm and went back to bed.  Complained couldn't find my water bottle...sheesh like a day or 2 looking even asked Bob if he saw it anywhere... Asked Matthew like who does that anyway, is the man lieing?  I don't think so...them angels?  Why?  because it magically appears right next to my coffee pot this morning.  Well when I get up it is dark...till I go over to stove top hood and turn light on...well my crystal lighthouse was flashing white so bright even lit up my coffee counter...I didn't look at it, just thought what is up with that thing hahaha  well that is weird science to me  lol 

Well weird science of course reminds me of giving Matthew a word from Father for Him, and no i didn't look myself wasn't for me  He knows which ones for goodness sakes are to Him from Father.  the word fitting for me saying weird science... ":strange"

5:27 RRR  then just now asked Bob about all this new stuff bottom shelf my frig by my tea...he said just now he put the big bottle ketchup there...not other stuff.  So I have no clue, I can't remember doing it...but am good reporter  lol  like Clark Kent  lol

So anyway as always don't know who Matthew will let even view this stuff..not my department....however did mention killing people and putting in F file  lol  ask Him all the time if He is ready to pen me up  lol  He is just stuck with me for eternity like it or not here I come  lol


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