US ONE - Today's Gospel

Yes as always up with Yeshua-Matthew, got up well woke time bedroom 10:18 p.m. last night well know enough that not good number that 18 don't remember what is just thought crap...then reminded that not real time.  Wheeeeewww said.  cause thought oh wow don't need another day like that. So check all my times again. as they seem to change.  I chose to use as set if not report different clock that is what they know from me.  All clocks set now, at 1 min apart from each other.  haha I have had that be as much as 4 min..and look I know for ages how long it take me to smoke cig..even stove go weird on me sometimes  lol  and I say to Matthew can tech do that stuff?  Well as said before, people just don't know Father.  It is like even the song people would think me nuts  lol  Do you really even think for one moment Father would use these musicians that use Jesus in their music?  He is Spirit...that lots of time is found secular not church.  Some will hear call and change others will not of them that do hear from Father with their music.  He will not accept their shit with the word Jesus in it.  Those would be better off joining the world as that is where they will be kicked more protection.  2:59 RRR  haha had to laugh then as He wanted me to choose font name and size  lol  I chose 11 .  Well the Man is hooked on that color  lol.  He won't change till he is with me.  hahaha  wow now that sent me gagging cough i hate that and #1 and #2  lol  you and you codes sheesh.

So what is Father using for call?  Well the song posted yesterday to Matthew I told him Father gave to Him.  Not church music....and you see the number church people put on it for me??  I love it!!!  Go find the whore you live for.  God is so simple my gosh, He even reduced the number of commandments for goodness sakes.  Well other thing mentioned to Matthew, is the Lord made us priests and kings.. and fits OT...God said those seeds He would increase.  David and levites.  Everything has to fit people...if not make sense ask Father, if seem to say 2 different things ask Father.  Yeshua uses the word "ask" 29 times in Gospels.  Well I tease Matthew about King David for goodness many wives did he have, how many concubines did he have?  What is a concubine used for?  God multiplies that?  lol  yet who was it that His heart was for?  You say this type thing to church??  lol  Now we have no clue if King David even slept with all them...he could have been wanting them to know the Lord for all we know.  Well when I was with Matthew last time, He didn't mention to me at all about how many seed children He had.. didn't talk about His first wife.  Yet I did send Him what the Lord showed me, that I would be with Him and that our sons would be friends and like each other... Father has shown me no different..asked Matthew if what I saw was error or wrong.. He didn't say.  Father has shown me no different.  Well all people go eventually...think Father say something about a good man living to 70 don't remember.   So can God save an evil person you live with?  if they are doing His will?  Well I don't know about you, but I asked Father about my husband...Bob...and was told he would be saved.  So ask.  Now for me it might be a little different...Yeshua said if you have done it for me... I don't know and Yeshua didn't have all the answers either being in flesh.  3:39 RRR

I want all the churches using the name Gospel teaching anything from man burnt at a time with warning from Yeshua's prophets sent of course that also God you know.  Give time date do it.  Flood news with it...time date given by prophet of God.  Most won't even remember the date given, blow the prophet off just remember warning.  So that is type of stuff I tell my husband...haha say He will do it...well not my department...just give my opinion.   I hate that deceptive crap...must be nicolaitans  lol

Re 2:6 But this thou hast, that thou hatest the deeds of the Nicolaitans, which I also hate.
Re 2:15 So hast thou also them that hold the doctrine of the Nicolaitans, which thing I hate.

Well this is today's Gospel. 3:54 RRR and had to blow my nose.