Jack in a Box - and Shine On

Now here I thought wouldn't be online again with trip as all was loaded in car.  Well that Man wanted to see me haha.  Well thoughts of my eldest J, and that baby Jack in a box, I wrote about it.  Then with the Lord first thing cig...song my head new posted one given to Matthew from Father, also call to His people.  Song means a lot..Father asking will you remember Yeshua this time?  or will it go shit again?  5:46 Bob up bathroom.  Any way a very good question only time will tell, but Father telling Matthew He had his Victory in people once again starting to follow Yeshua by real name wanting truth as we do.

Well some know about the email deception we found and had to test to even get more security in the world.  Well I created Yahoo accounts, and can't even use them with out them forcing me to call my husband...why because they require cell phone, well I have none as many senior people.  They don't want them seniors online  hahaha  you know the boomers... well that even make me think J and his boom boxes could hear that child before even getting home with those base vibrations going.  And what he now?  Well I call him my little drummer boy  hahaha plays drums for the Lord.

Well when I heard song head have to listen so did and found the pic interesting haha so snaped it and funny thing about it as I put in my chat with Yeshua-Matthew is that it even highlights when I mouse over it  haha don't know will happen here or not but just the pic to me stood out...while listening.

Anyway on the email..we have found we can not protect those tied to Yahoo email accounts and all their stuff tied to that with ip address all tied to yahoo.

they put other people sending things not even you...sent that yesterday so pissed off.  Well I am takin extra phones tied to me..to my family for them to have a safe place..my phone number...tech for new ip tied it....want for them.  does exist with blue tooth etc...

As far as the Jack part, well said boo to Matthew  haha  that pops up u know  haha  Well think about the word even Jack?  what all tied too?  lumber jacks, jack asses, really seriously you think about all that word could tie .. children nursery ryhmes  jack be nimble, just think about the word.  Well waiting for 2 and will be headed out so best close this down.  Anyway a word of warning to people too ... Father asking in the song will you remember this time.. well I laughed told Matthew he just likes both sayings on them Fords   fix or repair daily   and  first on race day  hahaha

Anyway J and jack in a box... bab's toy, and that what all are coming learning proper way to talk to the Lord with mind too.  So lots happening.  Not sure when be online again as all my family cept Cheri and I are all that holds them together right now.  Not sure Matthew even wants me use yahoo connection will pray all way with my worship for trip...songs prayer too u know. 

c ya when can 16 all