The Muslims, Islam, with a language of Arabic, are asking questions about the Qur'an, and Isa Al-Masih who was far more than just an ordinary prophet. They read that Isa is Allah's Word and a Spirit from Allah (Surat-un Nisa, 4:171); that Isa is a pure son born of a virgin (Surat-u Maryam, 19:19,20); that only Isa had the power to open blind eyes, heal leprosy, raise the dead, and even create (Surat-u Ali Imran, 3:49); and that Isa was raised up to Allah Himself (Surat-u Ali Imran, 3:55).   It is only right to want to hear the words that Isa Al-Masih taught as even the Quran says you should follow Isa:

What Is The Truth About Isa Al-Masih?

Many Muslims, Christians and Jews are waking up to the Truth even having dreams and visions and starting to follow and find the real name of Al-Masih and His name is Yeshua according to the translation of ancient Aramaic and Hebrew which was the language of Al-Masih.  Here is a website with how to pronounce Yeshua.   The name Isa and Jesus came from the Greek. 

History of English name Jesus the names and year in English with research.
The name Jesus is less than 400 years old.
1380 AD Wycliffe First English Bible translated from Latin.  Jesus name was “Jhesu Crist.”
1525 AD Tyndale Translated from Hebrew and Greek.  Jesus name was “Iesus Christ”
1560 AD Geneva Bible preferred 90% Tyndale came to USA, Jesus name was “Iesvs Christ”
1611 AD King James Version influenced by Geneva Bible,  Jesus name was “Iesus Christ”
1638 AD King James Version first using the name “Jesus”

Why is it important to know Isa Al-Masih's real name? 

Because in His teachings He does tell us to use His name.  Is His name Isa?  No  Is His name Jesus?  No.  Many are learning the truth and searching these things.  Truth is what is waking people up in their learning.  Truth is found in Hebrew and Aramaic which was the language of Al-Masih.  In the notes of the Aramaic to English book, if you do a word search for the name "Alah" it is there within the notes.

Who Follows Al-Masih's teachings and words?

The sad part about not knowing Al-Masih's words, is because He said we would be judged by His word.

How Many Books Are The Teachings of Al-Masih?

There are 5 books of the teachings of Al-Masih just like there are 5 books of Law Moses (Torah).   Al-Masih's books are Matthew, Mark, Luke, John and Revelation.  Who has the ancient Aramaic teachings of Al-Masih?  The USA has the Ancient Aramaic Book.  Christians do, have the Greek to English translation of His teachings.  Most Christians have not seen the Aramaic translation, they use the Greek to English translation and the Greek's (Roman's) did not like the Jewish God. 

This ancient Aramaic Bible, came from Iran then to Iraq and then to the USA.  It also has notes within the book, if you do a word search on the name "Alah" you will see it in the notes of the text. 

The Yonan Codex was believed to have been stored for centuries in a church in Urmia which is an Aramaic community located in Northwest Iran but was uprooted by the Kurds in 1918.
It is believed that the Yonan family took the ancient New Testament codex and fled with it to Iraq, then they brought it from there to the United States of America.

For a copy of this ancient Aramaic to English Bible to read the teachings of Yeshua Al-Masih read this link.  This Biblle is better than the Greek or is not however translated from the Bible owned by USA.  This Bible is housed not in a church but in the USA library, here is a quote from notes at bottom of page

3“The Khabouris Manuscript is a copy of a second century New Testament, which was written in approximately 165 AD (internally documented as 100 years after the great persecution of the Christians by Nero, in 65 AD).

What did Al-Masih teach in what we are to call God?   

Al-Masih gave His disciples a prayer when they asked Him how to pray.  

Al-Masih told us to use the same that He Himself used, calling God the word "Father".  Al-Masih said this about Father:

Why did He say this?  Because we were all created by just one God, so He is the only “Father” of all  humans.

The first Holy writings of the God of Abraham were given to Moses and the house of Israel.  We know these texts are still the same from the ancient “Dead Sea Scrolls” written in Hebrew and Aramaic.  Aramaic was the language of Al-Masih and His true name is “Yeshua” known in Hebrew and Aramaic.  The name Isa and Jesus came from Greek to Arabic translations just as the name Jesus came from Greek to English translations of the Bible.  This was not the language of Isa.

The First Thing We Need To Understand About The Word "God"

We need to first know that the word “God” in any language is not the “name of God” look at this link for the word God in all languages.  Even Christians know word God is not God's name.   Al-Masih, was a Jew from the house of Israel and came to save the world, so to all people who would believe in Him.  Al-Masih came to fulfill the law given to Moses, and fulfill what the Prophets said about Him. 

Did God have a name in the ancient Hebrew text?

A name was assigned but is this the “name of God”?  The Hebrew writings assign the word in caps “LORD” as being the name of God given in Genesis 2.  The meaning of that name is given “Jehovah”, which was used in Hebrew of the word “LORD” and also in the Aramaic.  Christians seem to think it is YHWH and have their own form of the name yet it is actually YHVH.  There are no vowels in these letters, so the truth is that no man knows Gods name.  Yet Jehovah is what is used for LORD in Hebrew and Aramaic the language of Isa.   So Jehovah is the name we know and go by.

Moses did ask what God's name was and this is what God said to Moses:

Does Isa tell us that no man knows the name?  He does in the book of Revelation that was given to His disciple John.

So why would God not want anyone to know His name?

Praise be to God, He wanted to protect us from using His name in vain!!

Should you read Al-Masih's words and teachings?  Yes because He said this:

Do you have to become a Christian to follow Al-Masih?

NO!!  You just have to follow Al-Masih.  The early Jewish Church referred to themselves as "The Way", probably coming from Isaiah 40:3,   According to Acts 11:26, the term "Christian"  was first used in reference to Jesus's disciples in the city of Antioch, meaning "followers of Christ," by the non-Jewish inhabitants of Antioch

Those that follow the words and teachings of Al-Masih are His assemblies whereever they are!  Read His words today from the ancient Aramaic to English and start with the book of John.